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Website design and management

Website design and management

Let us take the stress away by designing and managing your website.

We can help you create something distinctive and functional at a cost effective price.

Examples of our websites

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Website created for this small coastal village in South Devon.

Simple but effective logo, emphasising the key elements of sea and sand.
We created this from the ground up, with no design brief.

We played around with a few layouts, before deciding upon the finished article.
As content developed changes needed to be made to keep the site uncluttered with information easy to access.
Maps with designated destinations have proved popular as are the links to specialist information websites.
Created artwork for the site to replace the standard photographs.

Turning ideas into reality

We consult with you to create the prefect website to fit your needs.

From one page high quality websites to multi-page sites incorporating video, social media etc.

Promote your business, showcase your services or products, blog away or set up your online store.

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Another logo we created.
We played around with different colours until the client settled on this one, predictably the first one we tried!
Red is a strong colour and the name is the derived from the name of the business owner.
We are pleased with some of the touches on this website.
A practical and effective business website, showing the services on offer.
A website that continues to grow over time.


Stand out from the crowd with a customised site.

We check out the competition to make sure yours is unquestionably yours.

A site that reflects you and your business.

Designed for success from the outset.

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It's not often we get to work with a silversmith!

Small business offering silversmith classes and bespoke jewellery and repairs.
A great client to work with as he had a very clear idea of what he wanted - a clear simple layout, to highlight the silversmith's work.

Retro side menu works really well and not something we do very often.

Social media

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We will offer advice on which social media to use and how best to use it.

Getting engagement across the social media platforms is the key.
Get it right from the beginning to support your marketing plan.

We can offer a bespoke social media marketing service.

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A stunning renovation of a former chapel into holiday accommodation inspired this logo we designed for the client.
Holiday accommodation in south Lincolnshire is the focus of this website.

Lots of images so customers can get a clear idea of the accommodation on offer.
Further information about the local area add to the website's effectiveness and is highlighted in customer feedback.

Incorporates the local weather forecast.


Our rates are highly competitive, but final price is highly dependent upon what is included in the website.

Think of it as a car - all cars get you from A to B but not all cars are the same. Size, the number of extras increase the cost.

Ongoing management and support is offered.

Additional services include advice on using social media and its management.

Web pricing

Domain name and website hosting are fixed prices.

Different domains are different prices e.g. .com is cheaper than a .consulting]

Hosting costs depend upon the size of the website - images, video hosting etc.

We use for all our website hosting:
Domain names from £10 pa
Hosting from £36 pa

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